Singles Review: LDN Picks the Picks | March

LDN's Roy Shay Drops the Knowledge for March

PART 1::

1:: Martyn - "Great Lengths" - So, the album leaked in 128. What can I do… Not listen? This is a stunning achievement almost entirely throughout - layered, lush, exciting and at times simply moving. "These Words" is a shoe-in for my top ten of '09, and it's only March.

2:: Flying Lotus - "Tea Leaf Dancers [Low Limit Remix]" - No clue who Low Limit are, but they managed to get Tea Leaf Dancers back on my iPhone after I thought I'd never be able to listen to that track again because I rinsed it so hard. Gorgeous.

3:: Joker - "Digidesign" - It's official: Hyperdub go hard.

4:: Onra - "Come Closer [Kicks & Claps Edit]" - Must've been hard for Onra to have decided to release this groovey little project in the shadow of Madlib's prolific venture into Bollywood archives, but he made the right choice: he took a completely different approach to these coveted samples.

5:: Gordon Gartrell - That dude is a fucking idiot. I listened to his podcast religiously since the start 12 episodes ago, but refuse to indulge his ludicrous drivel any more. Rihanna's beating may have been warranted! Who knows what she did to "get him" to act that way?! Didn't you know??! Twat.

PART 2::

1:: La Roux - "In For the Kill [Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix]" - This joint is just silly. The ubiquitous Amen break gets another treatment, this time courtesy of 08's golden boy, Skream. Does the fact it kicks in a minute before the track ends make it better or worse? Whatever. This shit goes hard.

2:: TV On the Radio's latest, "Dear Science" - This is a beautiful, ambitious and varied piece of pop your iPhone can't do without. I slept on this, I admit. Don't be the last to know.

3:: Black Milk - "Dreams" - Black Milk will be 09's Kid Cudi/88 Keys. Smart, bubbly, infectiously juvenile flow with a knack for hooking up with the right button-twiddlers.

4:: Wham! - "Wham Rap! [Paul White Remix]" - Oh shit. The two most polar extremes in popular music of the last 30 years collide on a chillingly perfect two minutes of post-modern obscurity.

5:: Dorian Concept - "Fort Teen" - An Austrian student who's finding it hard to juggle his uni studies with his distinct talent for making Microkorgs sound funky. Red Bull Academy have acknowledged this, as should you.


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