Live Review: Booka Shade

photo courtesy of Stv Slv

Booka Shade - Live @ Metro Chicago

With heads still reeling from their blistering live performance from this past year’s Lollapalooza, Get Physical Records techno superstars Booka Shade took to the Chicago stage again last night and systematically proceeded to keep those heads spinning. All over the venue staff had posted signs warning that the forthcoming show would be a strobe light intensive one and this served as only a mild indicator for the light and sound spectacle to follow. The duo, comprised of Berlin based Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, has definitely come a long way with their live performance. The last few times they've been to the city they've done much smaller venue performances (Spy Bar, Funky Buddha Lounge) but obviously the scales of their fan base tipped big time with their landing the Lolla gig. Now they're boasting flashing strobes, projected visuals, light box stands, full drum pad sets, synths, and a control panel of knobs galore. They pumped out rooms full of sound beyond what you could ever expect from a two man crew. Accompanying their high-impact sonic presence was a full Metro so in-tune and amped by the show that the Shade was cheered on for not one, but two encores.

- Joshua P. Ferguson


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