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"Catch A Tuesday"
a film by Autumn De Wilde
Oliver Peoples SS09 ad campaign

It’s amazing when good things come together. Last week I published our favorable review of The Bird & The Bee’s amazing new album and featured photos of a quality that led us to sing just as many praises for the imagery as we did for the album the photos were crafted around. It just so happens that the photographer behind these photo shoots was a certain Ms. Autumn De Wilde. Now today while lounging around the Dialogue HQ and flipping through the latest issue of Vanity Fair I luckily stumbled upon an advert for Oliver People’s new Spring/Summer eyewear campaign which features an ultra stylish short film by De Wilde. Small world.

It’s at this juncture that I should mention that I just upgraded my spectacles to a dashing pair of Paul Smith’s whose eyewear division falls under People’s watchful eye. So not such a shot in the dark then that People’s would do an ad campaign featuring a photographer turned director that I’ve recently come to admire.

It’s also at this juncture that I should mention that the ever-diversifying Dialogue Incorporated has recently branched out into advertising. That’s right, our creative director has found himself back in school focusing on ad copywriting with the hopes of moving on to creative directing for a real salary (no offense to Dialogue, but we all know this is a labor of love). Knowing this our faithful followers should probably expect Dialogue content to slowly start branching out past purely musical content to cover all things stylish in music, fashion, the arts, and yes, the ad world (they do exist!).

Right… Back to the advert. So I always scan the whole issue of Vanity Fair before digging into any of the articles and as I flip the page scanning from left to right my gaze is met by a pair of the most amazing blue eye’s staring back up at me, peaking over a pair of jet black sunglasses. Of course these baby blues belong to Zooey Deschanel the co-star to Jim Carrey in his latest film, lead singer in the oh-so-great She & Him – who I might add are featured in the latest episode of Dialogue Incorporated Radio dropping later this week - , and, admittedly, probably my biggest celebrity crush. Ms. Deschanel is the poster celeb for People’s SS09 campaign and at the center of this campaign is Ms. De Wilde’s film “Catch A Tuesday” starring Deschanel and fellow indie-folk sensation Matt Costa. Hmm. I seem to have found myself at the convergence of my own personal style and a designer, a singing actress, and a photographer/director - all of whom I greatly admire. I'm loving this.

In a similar vein to Wes Anderson’s "Catch A Tuesday" unfolds around Tuesday, Deschanel’s character, who enlists the help of her brother (and various disguises) to elude two unnamed assailants. The film plays out like a music video set to the She & Him song “I Was Made For You” and ends with the overdub “Sometimes we’re in danger. Sometimes we’re on the run. Sometimes we do it just for fun.” A brilliant play on 60’s era spy/chase films and how sunglasses transform your personality this is the kind of style in the ad world that makes me want to enter the profession.

Check out the film, the beauty, and the sunglasses here:


Roy said...

Quite cosmic how all those things came together, I have to say.

And what a campaign!


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