Singles Review: LDN Picks the Picks | February

Dialogue Incorporated LDN counterpart Roy Shay
drops the knowledge on the February nuggets

A bit late, but here nevertheless:

1:: Harmonic 313 - "Cyclotron": The only beat that matters right now, still. I heard it played outside the confines on my iPod for the first time ever last week at Fabric and shat my pants, just a little. Has Mark Pritchard found the elusive Brown Note?

2:: Paper Route Gangstaz vs. Animal Collective - "Animals Collecting Money": Mr. Joshua of Dialogue Inc. turned me onto these kids, pitching them as "The only respectable mash-up guys on the scene right now", or something like that. Show some love: .
3:: Wu Tang - "Wu Ooh": Put your W's in the air, because you know what it do. That is all.

4:: Tranquill - "Payroll [Paul White's Clean Dub]": Based entirely around a haunting, mesmerizing, chilling Vangelis sample (thanks, Nadi), on third listen these stunning 3:30 minutes will rip your heart out from within and make you cry. This is sonic heroin.

5:: J Dilla - "Doughnuts": It's Dilla month, so act like you know. Hell, even NPR ( does!

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