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Dialogue:Incorporated:Radioshow #8 | December - Back in the Driver's Seat

Dialogue Incorporated | December Newsletter
Exclusive mix from the Creative Director
compiled, mixed, and hosted by Mister Joshua P Ferguson

It’s interesting how time can fly… As is always the case when the pages on the calendar run out and we finds ourselves back in the month of December one starts running back through all that has transpired over the course of the past 11 months. We imagine we’re not alone in saying that we never cease being amazed by the sheer amount of exceptional moments that we have the privilege of fondly recollecting. 2008 gave birth to Dialogue Inc so it seems this is the most appropriate place to start. From its inception in March of this year we’ve seen the Inc grow from a personal musical platform for yours truly grow into a radio show, newsletter, blog, and podcast. We’ve seen guest spots from local Chicago favorites to globally touring disco cosmonauts. Just in the month of November Dialogue expanded its repertoire to include album reviews, concert photos, and guest commentary from trusted tastemaking confidantes. Hell we’ve even garnered a little press of our own thanks to an interview in the Chicago edition of the internationally trusted city & culture guide Time Out magazine (see link below). As we concentrate out past November we’ve got no shame in boasting that we’ve also headlined the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Lollapalooza edition of their First Friday’s event as well as the Fall/Winter 2008 fashion preview for Spain’s Skunk Funk clothing line – held in Bilbao, not to mention numerous Fridays and Saturdays of drunken revelry thanks to our residencies across our home windy city. Bottom line: 2008 was noteworthy one (I haven’t even mentioned Obama’s election…. Well….) and as it draws to its close we here at Dialogue Inc studio’s are taking this reflective period to give thanks to what makes us great – groundbreaking music.

To properly appreciate our hand picked selections of “music that moves most” we’re rounding out 2008 with a dual showcase this month. This first installment focuses around an exclusive selection of the best bits of the last quarter of this year, compiled and mixed by our creative team – headed up by director & host Mister Joshua P Ferguson. Possibly one of our best shows yet, we’re exceedingly happy to be back in the drivers seat – letting our selections take center stage. Stay tuned for our 2nd installment – the final one for 2008 – where we’ll be presenting our annual "best of" for the year, which we’ll be releasing toward the end of the month.

Rounding out the homestretch for 2008 there are a lot of tunes on this show that we'd be happy turning around and tacking them right on to the best of list for this year. Getting a double feature on this latest show we've got two tracks from the noteworthy new full length for Jazzanova and we're making no secret that "I Can See" will find itself right back here in a few weeks as one of the top tracks of the year. Featuring one of the best performances we've heard from Brownswood's Ben Westbeech this track is the highlight of the album.  Also coming from the Jazzanova camp we've featured one of the stand out cuts from Sonar Kollektiv's latest edition of their Secret Love series with "Love You Straight" from Pop Levi. Another stunner that may very well land a "best of" spot is Wareika's "Belonging" a recent curve ball 12" release from Eskimo. Moving away from their more prominent space disco sound "Belonging" is a DEEP, slow burning,  3/4 time, soul tune complete with looping record crackles. Also a highlight from the first hour we featured "Cabal",  another cut from the amazing School of Seven Bells album.  Without a doubt one of our top albums of '08 we'll definitely be hearing more from them before the year is over.

Dropping the tempo but keeping up the intensity in the 2nd hour we've featured album cuts from two musical camps that are close & personal faves for the .inc.  Our good friends from down Puerto Rico way - The Candela All-Stars - have recently finished off an album with NY's Truth & Soul, recording as Bronx River Parkway and we've snagged one of the better cuts from the album for you. Next up is one of the many top-notch cuts coming from the newest full length offering from our favorite UK Songstress, Ms Alice Russell. Rounding things out we've got a Pilooski edit to rival his Frankie Valli cut up in his reworking of Elvis Presley's "Crawfish" and finally, another one from Eskimo, we end with Lullabies in the Dark's "Estrella" lifted from the latest Eskimo mix comp Cosmic Balearic Beats Volume 1.

With that, enjoy our latest selection of words and music –

Let the conversation begin!

Mister Joshua P Ferguson

Big thanks to John Dugan of Time Out Chicago for using Dialogue Inc as a key example in his recent article on podcasting for the Clubs section!!

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Dialogue Incorporated Radio Show #8

Hosted by Mister Joshua


1st Hour

Hatchback “The Lotus & The Robot” – Lo Recordings
James Yuill “This Sweet Love” – Moshi Moshi
Wareika “Belonging” – Eskimo
Woolfy “Return of the Starlight” – Permanent Vacation
Jazzanova “I Can See” – Verve
Neon Neon “Dream Cars” – Lex
TV on the Radio “Crying” – Interscope
Kid Sister “Family Reunion” – Fools Gold
Pop Levi “Love You Straight” (Astral Version) – Sonar Kollektiv/Ninja Tune
Bruce Springsteen “Fire” – Flagrant Fowl
School of Seven Bells “Cabal” – Ghostly International
Jazzanova “So Far From Home” – Verve
Madvillain “Borrowed Time” (Madlib remix) – Stones Throw
The Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By” (Hot Chip remix) – Delicious Vinyl

2nd Hour

Black Mustang “Otherness” (Black Mustang Frozen Moon Jam) – Loeb
Bronx River Parkway “Mi Corazon” – Truth & Soul
Alice Russell “Lights Went Out” – Little Poppet
Little Dragon “Recommendation” (Toddla T remix) – Peace Frog
Joker “Snake Eater” – Soul Motive
Milosh “Remember the Good Things” - !K7
Manmade Science “Akiele” – Philpot
Jose James “Desire” (Moodymann remix) – Brownswood
In Flagranti “Business Acumen” (Holy Ghost! Cover) – Kitsune
Hot Chip “Touch Too Much” (Ewan Pearson mix) – Astral Werks
The Raveonettes “Lust” (Trentemoller remix) – Vice
Elvis Presley “Crawfish” (Pilooski edit) – D.I.R.T.Y.
Lullabies in the Dark “Estrella” - Eskimo


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Article: Mister Joshua | Meeting with the Presses

Getting Down-loadable

Chicago DJ's podcasts push the culture forward sans cover charge.

by John Dugan
(reprinted with permission from Time Out Chicago)

We're addicted and we don't need an intervention. Our drug of choice? DJ podcasts. They're simply the best fix for what's happening in new club music around the world, and they're often only a free click away.

A year and a half ago, we wrote about the city's DJs getting into internet broadcasting, we noted some of our favorite dance and DJ-oriented radio and podcast sites, and we talked about licensing and copyright issues putting pressures on the format. Since then, podcasting has emerged as a the mainline method for DJs to express themselves and expose listeners to new music -- either as a reflection of their club temperament or their home-listening choices. As nice as streaming Net radio can be, podcasts are by nature portable and, as MP3s, are a permanent souvenir of what's going on in electronic and club music.

In Chicago, DJs flex their creative muscles by using podcasts to spread the word about their sounds of choice. Josh Ferguson, for one, has been doing the Dialogue Incorporated podcast for about eight months. A former college-radio guy, Ferguson was getting his hands on new vinyl before it hit the streets via a job at Groove Distribution. As Mister Joshua, he deejays full-time everywhere from Hub 51 to Empire Liquors to Sushi Wabi, playing anything from Kanye to space disco to Tom Petty, depending on the venue. So he launched his podcast as an exposition of his personal taste in progressive sounds, inspired by the example of some broken-beat podcasts he was digging when that was en vogue. "These days, I don't think there's one good forum for finding out what's new and cool. The podcast is the perfect promotional tool for all the tastemaking work I've been doing all these years," he says.

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