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Dialogue:Incorporated:Radioshow #6 | September: Featuring Chicago's SR-71

Dialogue Incorporated | September Newsletter: Dialogue Incorporated Radio Show #6 with guest mix from Chicago's very own DJ SR-71!

Hosted by Mr Joshua P Ferguson, Creative Director


Its a crystal clear 72 degrees fahrenheit September sunday here in Chicago IL, USA and we here at the Dialogue Inc offices can't help but feel a hint of heaviness as we acknowledge the fact that days like this in 2008 are numbered. As disappointing as the thought of the impending winter months is, we can rest assured that our summer of '08 was a positive & productive one. These past 3 months of sunshine have seen Dialoque Inc expand on to the interweb with the launch of our Dialogue Inc blog. We kicked off the month of August at the Museum of Contemporary Art, acting as musical curator for their monthly First Fridays event. We spent a perfect two days drinking beers, performance hopping and lounging around the grounds of Grant Park during Lollapalooza. Thanks to a last minute trip to NYC we enjoyed 4 days of catching up with old friends, making new ones, and even having fortuitous run-ins with many of our national (& even international) musical brethren: Big up Marc, Nick, Brett, & Brion! And, last but not least, we had a productive labor day weekend, capping off summer with 3 fantastic nights of djing and a summer send off trip to the beach! Now with the annual fall creep upon us and an August holiday in the bag the Dialoque Inc studio is in full swing once again and pleased to unveil the sixth installment of our radio show featuring a nudisco | electro showcase from the windy city's very on Samantha "SR-71" Roberts.

Summer can be a pretty serious dead zone for new music but we weren't going to let that stop us from pulling together a serious tracklisting for our latest show. We began this show with a presentation of a few bands that have been on the Dialogue Inc radar for a while now. Melding many of the best components of prog rock and 60's psychedelia with a hint of airy balearic goodness artists like Tiedye (Italians Do it Better), A Mountain of One (10 Words), & Studio (Information) are creating new textures in chill out & electronica that are sure to inspire many a lit spliff. Deep, layered, and epic -- this is perfect listening for early evenings & early mornings. Add to the mix the equally groundbreaking & epic "All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem and you've got our opening set.

Never ones to discount guilty pleasures we move on to some of our favorites from this summer including Seiji's drum & bass/bruk remix of Eykah Badu's single "Honey", XLR8R cover star Flying Lotus' remix of the Lil Wayne summer hit "A Milli", and Raziek's blog fave remix of The Dream and R Kelly's Shawty is the Shit" - "If Shawty keep it real with you, you should tip her. If she go all night and got more money than you, she just might be a stripper." indeed, The Dream, indeed.

Rounding it out on more of an indie vibe - Lollapalooza definitely had a profound affect on this portion of the show - We've got new music from Stockholm's latest pop export Little Jinder and one of the stand out singles/remixes from Metronomy's new full length called "Hearbreaker" featuring a remix from Diskjokke. Also in the mix, a Lolla favorite, The Black Kids (remixed by The Twelves) plays alongside The Mystery Jets, who take the prize for top newly discovered indie act here at the Inc.

Taking over duties for the second half of the show Dialogue Inc leaves you in the trustworthy & capable hands of Chicago nudisco staple Sam "SR-71" Roberts. As a dj she has appeared alongside such luminaries as Alexander Robotnick and Hot Chip and as a promoter she has helped introduce Chicago to the rising talent of dj's & producers like Italians Do It Better's Mike Simonetti & Runaway's Jacques Renault. One of only a handful of dj's really pushing the nudisco, balearic, & electro renaissance here in Chicago she was a natural choice for a feature here and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Dialogue Inc: Tell us about your background as a dj & the inspirations for your mix.

SR71: iI have been djing for over a decade. i have played multiple genres or music over the course of my career, but being a huge disco fan all of my life it seemed natural for me to make the transition to nu-disco and electro oriented tracks. plus everything else seems really dry and uninspiring to me right now. this sound is really where it's at and i'm exciting for it to hit state side full throttle.

DI: What was your process for the mix?

SR71: i really wanted the mix to be a showcase for mostly new tracks that i have not played often yet. it's a live mix, no editing, one take, that i have never mixed before in that order. i ran it through an avalon tube processor to warm it up, then burned it directly to a cd. other than that i am really inspired by the future of flying cars. what would i be listening to as a hover down to my launch pad? this mix seemed fitting.

DI: Tell us about 3 of the top artists/producers/dj's that are really impressing you right now.

SR71: ajello, faze action (as always), and amplified orchestra. Also, be on the look out for my production under the name Interrobang. (me and Matt Nee) Our first single "Neon Kiss feat. Garbo" on Kompute Musik is available on beatport as well as our remix of Alexander Robotnick's Disco Sick. We are working on a full length album as well as multiple remix projects.


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Dialogue Incorporated Radio Show #6

Hosted by Mister Joshua


1st Hour: Mister Joshua
Tiedye “Nothing Else Matters” – Italians Do It Better
Kuniyuki “Touch” (A Mountain of One’s Peyote mix) – Mule Musiq
A Mountain of One “Here Goes Nothing” – 10 Words
Fontan “Early Morning” (Studio remix) – Information
LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends” – DFA
Erykah Badu “Honey” (Seiji remix) – CD-R
The Dream “Shawty is the Shit” (Raziek remix) – CD-R
Lil Wayne “A Milli” (Flying Lotus Robo Tussin remix) – CD-R
Little Jinder “I Like it Casual” – Trouble & Bass
Metronomy “Heartbreaker” (Diskjokke remix) – Because
Black Kids “I’m Not Gonna Teach…” (Twelves remix) – Almost Gold
Mystery Jets “Young Love” (Shoes remix) – 679
Arcade Fire “Rebellion (Lies)” - Merge

2nd Hour: Guest spot from Chicago’s SR-71

*** Sorry Trainspotters, no tracklisting ***